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The VO BOSS podcast blends solid, actionable business advice with a dose of inspiration for today’s voiceover talent. Each week, host Anne Ganguzza focuses on a specific topic to help you grow your #VO Business. Featuring guest interviews with industry movers & shakers, VO BOSS covers every facet of the voice landscape, from creating your business plan to choosing the best marketing tactics & tools. So tune in, listen up, and learn how to further your VO career!

Aug 17, 2021

Did you know there are over 47 million books listed on Amazon, but only 300,000 of them are listed on Audible? More audiobooks means more accessibility for blind and disabled people. Anne and special guest Ali Zia Khan, founder of Scribe Audio, talk about how AI is transforming the audiobook industry in this episode in the AI and Voice series. Scribe Audio is using AI and working voice actors to expand the audiobook market. According to Ali, human voices aren’t going anywhere! Listen to this episode to learn more about how you can use new technology to create passive income. Make AI work for you!

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